Revealed: William Ruto prophesied his presidency 32 years ago

President-elect William Ruto prophesied one day he would be Kenya’s Commander-in-Chief on top of a presidential parade square at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

Mr Njiru said Dr Ruto revealed his presidential ambitions at the parade square at JKIA soon after the late former Head of State Moi arrived in the country from an official visit to the United States of America in late 1990.

According to Mr Njiru moments, after Mzee Moi left, Dr Ruto stood at the Pavillion where Mzee Moi used to take a salute before inspecting the guard of honour and vowed that one day he will stand there too.

“I remember vividly when Mzee Moi left JKIA after reviewing the guard of honour Dr Ruto went to the presidential pavilion where Mzee Moi had stood a few minutes earlier to take the salute.”

“He told me, Lee watch this space. One day I will inspect a guard of honour from here. I will take a salute from here as the President of Kenya. That is what crossed my mind the moment he was declared the winner by Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Chairman Wafula Chebukati,” said Mr Njiru at his Ngata home on the outskirts of Nakuru City.

He continued: “I want to remind the President-elect Dr Ruto that if he is sworn in he should take the salute from JKIA at the parade ground. That is what I ask him. He promised me that. His dreams have come true and he should honour his promise.”

He added: “This has now come to pass. Fate has decreed that he is my leader. I accept that wholeheartedly and I wish he will stick to his words so that there will be no political revenge. He has been insulted, vindicated and maligned but as they say, you don’t throw stones at a tree that has no fruits.”

“By ascending to power the President-elect has proved one thing. With focus, resilience, perseverance and consistency there is no unsurmountable hurdle. He has made history. He Has become a role model to young people. He has shown even a little-known village like Sugoi can produce a president,” said Mr Njiru, 73.

Mr Njiru said Ruto’s campaigns were like what Adolf Hitler used to call in Germany, ‘Blitzkrieg’ which means lightning strike.

“His campaigns were like several lightning strikes and they bore fruits.”

“People must learn to forgive each other. He should let bygones be bygones. The government of Dr Ruto should be as inclusive as possible. Kenyans are watching very closely. He ought to show that he is not as bad as he was depicted to be. Dr Ruto must prove them wrong by his political actions,” said Mr Njiru a retired career civil servant for 46 years.

Mr Njiru and two other elders from Ngata-Colonel (retired) Waithaka Muchiri and Mr Jerry Ontiri led the residents of Ngata in Rongai sub-county in Nakuru County in congratulating the President-elect for winning the August 9 General Election.

“The people of Kenya have spoken. It is their will. The people of this great republic are nobody’s slaves. They are free to express their will regarding their leaders. Nobody whatsoever should think or imagine or manipulate the people of this republic to suit selfish interests. The will of the people of Kenya must be reflected,” said Mr Njiru.

He said the outcome of the election has set a historic precedent, particularly in the Rift Valley and Central Kenya where they overwhelmingly supported Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

“They have spoken and they owe nobody any explanation. Politics is like ironing a cloth. You look for a socket which has got electric current that is where you plug in your iron box. The political current now is with UDA and I dare say Dr Ruto is the one who has the socket with the current and unless you plug your political iron box there then you would be working in vain,” he said.

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