10 Amazing Beauty Storage Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love

A solution to this problem is making sure you have storage containers within storage containers. Give everything a designated place. If you have a large closet, put baskets on shelves so you can assign belts, hats or shoes to a specific basket, for example. For an office space, instead of dropping push pins, paper clips, sticky notes and extra staples all in one drawer, use upcycled egg cartons or muffin tins to organize these smaller items before placing in a drawer. Storage within storage will not only help keep clutter out of sight, but it will also ensure items will be in the same place every time you go to reach for them.

1. Display nail polish in a spice rack.

wall-mounted nail polish spice rack

Store your collection of colorful nail polishes somewhere they can shine.A basic spice rack is perfect for lining up your bottles of polish in neat rows so you can see all the different shades at once.

2. Store toiletries in an old pencil box.

pencil box toiletry case

Courtesy of bulk packaging and tempting sales, we’ve all got an extra stick of deodorant or tube of toothpaste (or maybe two or three) cluttering our medicine cabinets and drawers.Instead of letting these items float around willy-nilly in your baskets and bins (the horror!), store them in a designated box you can hide out of sight.

An old pencil case — plastic, metal, or lined in cheetah print — does the trick.Having trouble decluttering your bathroom? Here are 12 extremely easy ways to declutter your bathroom.

3. Use drawer dividers to organize cosmetics.

diy drawer divider for cosmetic storage

Drawer dividers are the gateway to easy beauty organization. So easy, so obvious, and so impactful.All you have to do is get a divider, then separate your products by type or category and file them away in neat sections.

4. Keep headbands and hair ties in little drawstring bags.

diy headband and hair tie pouch made from a fabric bag

Corral all your headbands and hair ties in cute pliable fabric bags. They look charming lined up on an open shelf, but you can hide them away in a drawer just as easily.

5. Use a shoe organizer to store beauty products.

diy makeup storage made from an over the door shoe organizer

Who wants to stuff a shoe organizer with dusty trainers and sandy flip flops when you can use it to store your favorite beauty products instead?

A shoe organizer, especially one with clear pockets, is ideal for a few reasons:

  1. It holds a multitude of different items.
  2. You can easily see and access what you’re looking for.
  3. It saves a ton of cabinet and drawer space.

Hang it on your towel rack or the back of your bathroom door for a more discreet look.

6. Store your hair dryer and straightener in an over-the-door basket.

over the door basket as a hair dryer and straightener holder

Forget about leaving your straightener, blow dryer, and curler atop your bathroom counter in a massive tangle of cords.Like a holster for your hair tools, a small over-the-door basket keeps everything organized and easy to grab on the fly.

Like a holster for your hair tools, a small over-the-door basket keeps everything organized and easy to grab on the fly.

7. Use Lucite desk organizers to hold lotions.

lucite desk organizer lotion holder on a shelf

Repurpose the desk organizer that holds all the paperclips and highlighters you never touch into a chic stand for your lotions and creams.

8. Use a lid rack to store eyeshadow palettes.

lid rack makeup palette holder

Who needs an organized kitchen cabinet when you can have a killer makeup display instead?Stack your eyeshadow or lipstick palettes in an old lid rack to keep them out of the way and off your sticky cabinet floor.

9. Store cotton balls and Q-tips in Mason jars.

mason jar q-tip cotton ball holders

Turn your surplus of old measuring or Mason jars into a storage station for your various cotton necessities. The best part? The jars double as cute shelf decor.

10. Use stackable drawers to organize beauty products.

clear stackable drawers organize beauty products under a sink

For anyone who’s ever been frustrated by the lack of shelving in an under-the-sink cabinet, fret no more. Stackable drawers are your new best friend. They’re affordable, easy to assemble, and insanely useful when it comes to storing all the random hand lotions and hair gels you’ve accumulated.

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