16 Sex Secrets From The Most Satisfied Couples

Real couples reveal how they keep things hot inside — and outside — the bedroom.

When you think of hot sex, do you envision hooking up with someone you’ve fantasizing about for the first time? Or do you picture a roll in the hay with the partner you’ve been sharing a bed with for the better part of a decade? Probably the former. Many people simply don’t believe good sex and long-term partnership go hand in hand.

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But it turns out, there are couples who’ve been together a while and still really enjoy having sex with each other. (Yep, they do exist!)

We wanted to know these couples’ sex secrets: How do they keep things steamy for so long? So we went straight to the source. Here’s what they told us.

1. They don’t limit sex to the bedroom.

“We have a toddler who sleeps in the bed with us so we have to be creative and find other places to have sex. It’s kind of fun and naughty to have sex in places other than the bed! It enhances our sex life because it keeps sex different each time!”— Lina Forrestal, host of “The New Mamas Podcast”

“My partner and I will often sneak away at clubs and bars and head to the bathroom to blow each other. The excitement of public play can transfer to excitement with and for your partner.” — Zachary Zane, sex columnist and sex expert for Momentum Intimacy

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