2020 is still my comeback year, says Jahmby Koikai as she takes stock

Coronavirus pandemic has truly affected every industry across the globe.

Here in Kenya, celebrities have had to cancel their gigs following the government’s directive against people congregating in a bid to curb the spread.

Seasoned Mc, Jahmby Koikai recently took to social media to reveal how the pandemic has disrupted her ‘comeback’ year after battling with Thoracic Endometriosis for five years.

“This is my comeback year. Got back on stage after 5 years due to Thoracic Endometriosis. Had so many gigs lined up. So many. Then Covid-19 happened. Very interesting because this takes me back to my moments in the hospital. So many divine things happened. It was all God’s plan and timing. I sit back and let God work out His ways. I’m never one to rush things. I let God do His will” she wrote on social media.

In the emotional post, the celebrated media personality revealed that she has been approached a couple of times to host online gigs but she has since turned every request down as she focuses on getting better.

“I’ve received countless requests to do some gigs online, I also thought of it, but it’s a challenge for me because of my health and logistics, therefore, I’ll wait until this is over tuonane live live,” she added.

The MC, popularly known as Fayah Mamma, called on all artistes and deejays who are unable to do online gigs to take advantage of the situation to master their craft.

“To all artistes and deejays who are not able to do stuff online at the moment, master your craft. You’re still great. There’s time for everything. Your time will come. It’s still my comeback year. God will restore all the years that the locusts have eaten. Remember that,” she said.

Koikai [Photo: Courtesy]

The former NTV presenter earlier this month announced that she needs to protect her lungs and immune system, therefore, cancelled all her gigs until further notice.

She took the chance to also urge Kenyans to take the necessary precautions and ensure that they follow the stipulated measures to the latter to ensure that they keep the virus at bay.

“The most important thing to remember is to wash hands at all times. Use hand sanitizer even though there’s none on the shelves right now,” she said.

According to her, there is no need to panic and urged the government to ensure that there is no rationing of critical services.

“Wakenya itabidi tuanze kuuziwa sanitizer ya kupima juu sasa panic buying imetufikisha hapa. No need to panic lakini… God is in control. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. Wash hands. Stay safe. Stay clean.  Humble request to Nairobi County, kindly tuongezeeni siku za maji at least to 3 days and other counties that also face water shortage,” she added.

Jahmby for the first time in February revealed that her ex-boyfriend gave up on her during her battle with the condition.

According to Jahmby, her ex-boyfriend was one of many people who thought she wouldn’t make it.

“It has been four years. Photos of me in tubes went viral and many thought I wasn’t going to be back. I came to Nairobi and found my boyfriend had already moved on. He thought I wouldn’t come back and got himself a young lady,” she narrated.

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