2020 NHL playoffs – Picks for the conference finals

From an opening field of 24 teams in the 2020 NHL postseason, all the way down to hockey’s version of the final four. It’s been a wild ride, with some classic games surely on the way as the Vegas Golden Knights, Dallas Stars, Tampa Bay Lightning and New York Islanders vie to have their names etched on the most cherished trophy in all of professional sports.

With the conference finals matchups set, here are our picks for the teams that will make the Stanley Cup Final.

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Sean Allen: Lightning in six
Ben Arledge: Lightning in six
Pierre Becquey: Lightning in six
John Buccigross: Lightning in seven
Sach Chandan: Lightning in seven
Linda Cohn: Lightning in seven
Aimee Crawford: Lightning in seven
Dimitri Filipovic: Lightning in seven
Emily Kaplan: Lightning in seven
Tim Kavanagh: Islanders in six
Don La Greca: Lightning in five
Vince Masi: Islanders in six
Victoria Matiash: Lightning in six
Barry Melrose: Islanders in seven
Arda Ocal: Islanders in seven
Chris Peters: Lightning in seven
Greg Wyshynski: Lightning in seven

Consensus pick: Lightning (13 of 17)

Sean Allen: Golden Knights in five
Ben Arledge: Golden Knights in seven
Pierre Becquey: Stars in seven
John Buccigross: Golden Knights in seven
Sach Chandan: Stars in six
Linda Cohn: Golden Knights in six
Aimee Crawford: Golden Knights in six
Dimitri Filipovic: Golden Knights in six
Emily Kaplan: Golden Knights in six
Tim Kavanagh: Stars in seven
Don La Greca: Golden Knights in six
Vince Masi: Golden Knights in five
Victoria Matiash: Golden Knights in six
Barry Melrose: Golden Knights in six
Arda Ocal: Golden Knights in six
Chris Peters: Golden Knights in six
Greg Wyshynski: Golden Knights in six

Consensus pick: Golden Knights (14 of 17)

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