6 Tools for Improving Your Vacation Photos

These days, most people rely on their phones’ cameras to document their vacations. But if you want to better capture the magic of your trip, and if you have at least a little interest in photography as a hobby, consider bringing along the following items. They’ll help you elevate the quality of your images without weighing you down too much. After all, you might never pass this way again!

Superior image quality, an impressive auto mode and easy connectivity make this mirrorless model an excellent, not-too-heavy camera for traveling shooters.

Hoya’s inexpensive ultraviolet filters protect your lens’s valuable — and vulnerable — glass from the perils of travel, with minimal distortion of the light reaching the camera sensor.

This stylish strap keeps your camera easily accessible when you’re taking photographs — and prevents you from accidentally dropping it over the side of a cliff.

This tripod is light enough to take anywhere but strong enough to hold a mirrorless camera, such as the X-A5.

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