Aaron Wan-Bissaka transfer fee now fully paid off

Amidst all of the financial uncertainties in football due to the current circumstances, United might have just asserted themselves as one of the big players ahead of the summer transfer window.

It is well known that the inflated transfer fees of today are not all paid up front and rather in multiple instalments or through repayment plans. And while many football clubs all over the world are wondering how they will make the ends meet before even considering strengthening their sides, United are constantly looking for opportunities to flex their muscles.

Boasting one of the biggest fanbases in the world, the income into Old Trafford never stops. And while the club is now hurting by the loss of earnings through match day revenue, it will still come out of these unprecedented times in pretty good nick.

United are looking like they may be one of a few spenders this summer with the Jadon Sancho deal looming, and the financial status of the club has just been reaffirmed with the completion of the Aaron Wan-Bissaka transfer transaction.

As per football finance expert Kieran Maguire (Price of Football), Manchester United no longer owe Crystal Palace any money from the reported £50 million fee.

Maguire also reported on his Twitter that United initially paid the London club £22.5 million up front for the young right-back in the summer, with the remainder of the fee due the following year. And that outstanding balance has now also been cleared.

It is not often that this kind of concrete financial information reaches the light of day, but it is certainly a reassuring piece of news for the fans regarding United’s current situation.

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