Aide: Raila Odinga to address the nation at 2pm

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition leader Raila Odinga will address the country at 2pm Tuesday, a day after his rival deputy president William Ruto was declared president-elect.

The address will be at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), where the Azimio coalition has set up its media centre.

“Azimio La Umoja Coalition Leader Rt Hon Raila Odinga’s address to the Nation. Time: 2pm Location: KICC, Azimio Media Center. Kindly provide coverage,” said Mr Dennis Onsarigo, Mr Odinga’s presidential campaign press secretary, in a media invite.

Dr Ruto polled 7,176, 141 (50.49 per cent) to secure the 50 per cent plus one required to win the presidency in the first round, edging out Mr Odinga who got 48.85 per cent of the vote.

The KICC had for three days after the Tuesday August 9 General Election been the scene of heightened activities as officials allied to the coalition put final touches to prepare for the announcement of presidential results.

A red carpet had by Thursday afternoon been rolled out at the entrance of the Tsavo ballroom, which is expected to act as a VIP holding area and the media centre for the coalition.

Inside the VIP holding room, an elaborate set-up of elegant seats and tables had also been made. Elected leaders, party officials and other dignitaries allied to the coalition are expected to sit at the centre.

On Thursday afternoon, Azimio officials said they expected leaders to begin arriving at the venue at any time.

Security around that area had also been beefed up, with access to the Tsavo Ballroom restricted to party officials, accredited journalists and those with access cards issued by the Azimio team.
And it is at the KICC that the coalition had last week also been holding strategy meetings involving bureaucrats, technocrats and communication specialists in preparations for the announcement of the presidential results.

At the media centre, cameras, giant displays and television screens, a podium and seats have also been set up. It is from the media centre that leaders of the coalition will address the country – giving periodical updates as the vote counting continues.

The activity and buzz around the KICC, however, died down after a Saturday meeting that brought together elected leaders under the Azimio coalition.

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