Al-Shabaab strikes Mogadishu again amid surge in crime

The Somali capital Mogadishu’s lull was broken on Tuesday and Wednesday following terror attacks.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister Hussein Roble’s office derided the attackers, saying they will not stop the country’s rise from ashes of war.

“Such acts of terrorism will not derail the peace and the ongoing development in the country. We must unite in the fight against terrorism,” Roble’s office said.

Four people were killed and six others wounded after an explosion rocked Mogadishu on Wednesday morning.

Somali militant group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility, for just one of the many attacks they have committed in the city. However, the city had experienced a lull, especially around the New Year, from Al-Shabaab raids.


But other crimes such as robberies and murders were also reported on Tuesday, adding to the general fear in the city.

On Tuesday night, at least six youths were killed in separate attacks. Four of them were reportedly attacked by criminals who were targeting their mobile phones. Two of the victims were Abdulkadir Hassan Ashkir and Abdulkadir Nur, according to an official police statement.

Another youngster was gunned down by a soldier while another was killed by unidentified assailant on Tuesday night.

Some commentators in Somalia think the rising crime is a reflection of poverty, as well as the taking advantage of a demotivated security force following chaotic conduct of elections which has seen leaders squabble in public.

“Robbers and thugs are aware that Somalia’s elections have been delayed by squabbles between politicians, affecting the country’s security agencies,” Mohamud Farey, a political commentator in Mogadishu, has told Newszetu on Wednesday.

Referring to deadly suicide bombing in the city, Farey remarked, “Al-Shabaab has claimed the death of over 10 people in a car bomb along 21 October Road, apparently taking advantage of diminished security vigilance.”

Somali leaders agreed on January 9 to accelerate the electoral process to complete the election of the members of the House of the People (Lower House of Parliament) by February 25.

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