Alarm as lion is spotted inside a residential building in Rongai

Fear and apprehension gripped Rongai town in Kajiado county after residents discovered a lion lurking in a residential building’s corridor on Wednesday morning.

Locals are concerned that the lion may have strayed from the Nairobi National Park and spent the night prowling in the area.

The big cat was spotted by school kids who were on their way to school on Wednesday morning.

Although no one was hurt, police officers had a difficult time dispersing a crowd that had gathered to watch the daylight spectacle.

Officers from the Kenya Wildlife Services alerted to the matter were able to tranquilize the animal before taking it away.

Sometime in 2019, A pride of lions was spotted in Ongata Rongai on sending Kenyans online into a frenzy.

The lions had been seen walking past the Africa Nazarene University in Tuala area.

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