Amy Schumer Jokes About The Biggest Downside Of Naming Her Son ‘Genital’

Amy Schumer still has some regrets about her son’s original name ― and the comments she’ll never be able to make because of it.

The “I Feel Pretty” actor appeared on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” on Wednesday and joked about why she thought her parenting instincts were off, listing her toddler’s moniker as a key example.

“I mean, not to mention that we did name him ― you know by accident ― ‘genital,’” Schumer deadpanned, as Meyers explained what happened to audience members who might not remember.

“For those who haven’t heard what happened, you named your son ‘Gene’ and then his middle name [Attell] was after the comedian and your friend Dave Attell,” the late night host recalled, as Schumer put her face in her hand and looked down.

Schumer pretended to look dismayed during the segment. 
Schumer pretended to look dismayed during the segment. 
Schumer pretended to look dismayed during the segment./Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube

“So it was Gene Attell,” Meyers said, “Which you did not realize until you heard it out loud sounded like ‘genital.’”

“That’s right,” Schumer said, before revealing the biggest downside of her naming gaffe.

“What sucks now is you can never make fun of another kid’s name,” Schumer said.

“You know, when a celebrity has a baby and they name it something stupid, you can’t be like, ‘Nice name, idiot,’” she quipped. “Because it’s like, ‘Well, what did you name your kid, Amy? Why didn’t you just name him Ballsack Weiner? Weiner Tip? How about that, Amy?’”The comedian previously opened up about the naming oversight on her podcast last year, when she shared that Gene’s full name ― Gene Attell Fischer ― sounded “genital fissure” when said aloud.

On Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show, Schumer confessed that she and husband Chris Fischer realized their son’s name mistake after about a month, despite some outlets thinking the name was a prank. 

“You’re like the new parents, just kind of tired and in ecstasy. And then ― I don’t know if some troll on the internet or somebody ― and I read it, and I was like, ‘Oh my god,’” she said of her moment of realization.

“Me ― who’s like, a filthy person ― it never dawned on me,” she added. “All the blood rushed to my head and I was like ‘Chris!’”

While her husband didn’t think the error was that big of a deal, Schumer insisted it was.

“I’m like, ‘What are you talking [about]? I ‘Boy Named Sue,’ Sue-d my son,’” she joked, referencing Johnny Cash’s famous song. “All you want to do is protect your baby and I right out the gate [did this] … the first of many failures.”

Schumer and Fischer officially corrected their blunder and ended up changing Gene’s full name to “Gene David Fischer.”

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