Angelina Jolie Says ‘Change In My Family Situation’ Forced Her Return To Acting

Jolie is still going through a divorce with her ex Brad Pitt, five years after the couple called it quits.

For years, we saw nary a kick or a punch from Angelina Jolie, as she largely pressed pause on the action heroics to pursue a career in directing.

But as her personal life has taken more twists and turns than “Salt” (we’re still waiting for that sequel, by the way), the actor is returning to the genre with a slew of projects, including “Those Who Wish Me Dead” and Marvel’s upcoming superhero epic “Eternals.”

“I love directing, but I had a change in my family situation that’s not made it possible for me to direct for a few years,” Jolie told Entertainment Weekly in an interview published Tuesday. “I needed to just do shorter jobs and be home more, so I kind of went back to doing a few acting jobs. That’s really the truth of it.”

“There’s nothing about this character that trained in martial arts or did anything special,” she added, referring to her firefighter character in “Those Who Wish Me Dead.” “I get pretty beaten up through this.”

For the past five years, Jolie has, of course, been locked in a contentious divorce with ex-husband Brad Pitt, as the former couple continue to go back and forth over custody issues regarding their six children: twins Knox and Vivienne, 12, Shiloh, 14, Zahara, 16, Pax, 17, and Maddox, 19.

Last month, Jolie revealed she moved the family to a home in Los Angeles just five minutes away from Pitt because she “wanted it to be close to their dad,” despite previously expressing a desire to live abroad.

“I’ve been focusing on healing our family,” she told British Vogue. “It’s slowly coming back, like the ice melting and the blood returning to my body.

“But I’m not there. I’m not there yet. But I hope to be. I’m planning on it. I do like being older. I feel much more comfortable in my forties than I did when I was younger.”

Pitt and Jolie have most recently been at odds over the judge appointed to their divorce case. Jolie’s legal team requested the removal of Judge John Ouderkirk, claiming he was “biased” for failing to “disclose the cases that demonstrated the current, ongoing, repeat-customer relationship” with Pitt, whom his law firm previously represented, according to People. Her request, however, was denied in November, with the court ruling that Ouderkirk had properly disclosed his prior involvement with Pitt.

The legal team for the “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” star said the request was a “thinly-veiled attempt by Jolie to delay the adjudication of long-pending custody issues in this case.”

While the divorce hangs in limbo, the pair have seemingly worked out a co-parenting arrangement during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the children regularly visiting Pitt throughout the past year.