Angry passengers filmed ‘disciplining’ rogue matatu driver – VIDEO – Nairobi News

An undated video has surfaced online showing angry passengers taking matters into their own hands and meting out punishment to a matatu driver for speeding.

The matatu (registration no.  KCL 140B), which belongs to Lina Sacco, was on its way to Nairobi from Nakuru when the incident happened.

The short video clip captures the moment the driver was expelled from matatu by the irate passenger who were baying for his blood for driving carelessly.

During the commotion, one passenger attempts to intervene on behalf of the driver.

It later emerges that the woman is driver’s sister. This is after the passenger claimed that she was the one ‘confusing’ the driver.


“He’s my brother I can’t confuse him like that,” the woman is heard saying.

But the other passengers seem enraged by the diver’s reckless driving.

“We’ve kept asking him to stop speeding. Does he want to kill us?” one of the passenger is heard saying.

The incident caused traffic snarl-up along the busy Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

The video ends with the matatu tout refunding the passengers their fare.

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