Anthony Rapp Is Engaged To Ken Ithiphol: ‘I Am So Very Happy’

“Star Trek: Discovery” star Anthony Rapp is boldly going where he hasn’t gone before: He’s engaged to longtime boyfriend Ken Ithiphol.

The 48-year-old actor announced Saturday on Instagram that he proposed to Ithiphol ― and got a yes.

“I am so very happy and I’m so very thrilled to share this news,” wrote Rapp, who got his first big break on Broadway’s “Rent.”

The actor also shared an Instagram story video that shows him popping the question at a party.

Anthony Rapp pops the question.

Rapp and his fiance have been together since 2016, People reported.

Rapp posted a photo of them to mark their one-year relationship anniversary in January 2017, prompting one commenter to joke: “How do you measure..measure a year?” The line is from the “Rent” song “Seasons of Love.”

Later that year, Rapp publicly alleged that Kevin Spacey sexually harassed him as a 14-year-old at a party. Spacey claimed he didn’t remember, but apologized for what he called “drunken behavior.”

Spacey fell into disgrace as other accusations surfaced.

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