Architects push for Covid-19 redesign

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Architects push for Covid-19 redesign

Mugure Njendu
AAK president Mugure Njendu. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

The Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK) says private and public buildings should be redesigned to accommodate spaces indicating distancing requirement to deter new Covid-19 infections.

AAK president Mugure Njendu said post-Covid spaces must ensure staff and the public abide by regulation where interaction is limited.

“Office will witness more spaced out desks, establishment of entry and exit points to deter regular interactions. Hands-free facilities from doors, water tap, soap dispensers and elevator buttons will become the norm,” she observed.

“For restaurants, plexi-glass will be installed within the service area thereby reducing close contact between kitchen staff and waiters as well as buyers.”

Speaking when she launched the annual AAK-sponsored #jeUnaMjengo campaign, she said future construction will have to accommodate designs where office spaces will be more aerated and spacious, restrooms redesigned, and signage given more prominence.


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