At last, rains in Nairobi… – Nairobi News

The heavens finally opened up in Nairobi on Saturday night and the city for the first time in 2019 experienced wet conditions.

In a welcome break from the continuous sweltering heat and dusty streets, Nairobi received a drench from above catching many people unprepared.

Hawkers who were selling their wares in the streets were caught unawares as the rain pounded the busy streets. Pedestrians and motorists were also in the mix -but no one seemed to care.

People were seen walking in the rain oblivious of the fact that they could get soaked.

Two hours before the rains started, the Kenya Meteorological Department had announced that it would rain in Nairobi and other regions.

“Showers and Thunderstorms expected on Sunday especially afternoon over Western Kenya, Southern and Central Rift Valley and Central Highlands including Nairobi. Moderate to heavy Rainfall expected over the same areas from Monday and throughout next week,” it said in a tweet.


City residents who spoke to Nairobi News said that they did not expect it to rain.

“I did not expect it to rain and as I was busy going on with my business, the rains came down and was forced to seek shelter elsewhere,” said John Kimani, a hawker.

Ms Mary Auma said that she had not expected it to rain and was shocked when the rains started.

“I did not know that it would rain and had not even dressed warmly, I have to stay until the rains stop,” she said.

Last week, the meteorological department said that there will be no rains this season through the acting Deputy Director of Kenya Meteorological Department Bernard Chanzu.

Mr Chanzu even asked Kenyans to brace themselves for scarcity of water resources for drinking, sanitation and industrial use as well as for power generation.

Nairobians were relieved at the sight of rains.

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