Atheists slam Duale over ‘Kadhi woman’ remark

Harrison Mumia the president of the society told off the MP saying that he should stop holding on to archaic laws that support patriarchy.

Such views limit women from participating in leadership positions, he said.

“The Atheist in Kenya Society finds abhorrent remarks by Garissa Township MP Aden Duale that the seat of a Chief Kadhi should not be occupied by a woman. Such views have no place in modern Kenya,” said Mumia.

“The challenges women face in the Muslim world are often in archaic laws and practices found in the Koran on ownership, leadership, early marriage, education, healthcare, and job opportunities. Women in leadership roles in Islam are underrepresented. We urge the Chief Justice Martha Koome to appoint a female Chief Khadhi,” he went on.

Duale’s remarks were sparked by current Chief Kadhi, Sheikh Mudhar supporting the idea of having women being considered for such positions.

According to Duale, having a female Chief Kadhi is against Islam’s religious beliefs and will be going against the Koran.

“it is not found in the Koran and it is not found in the teachings of the prophet. Ati kama Martha Koome ni mwanamke na amepata Chief Justice ati lazima tupate Chief Kadhi mwanamke, hapana. Martha Koome is the Chief Justice in a secular judiciary and not for a religious organization,” said Duale.

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