ATM theft spree hits Barclays Bank

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Nairobi police are looking for suspects who stole over Sh10 million from three ATMs belonging to Barclays Bank of Kenya over the Easter weekend.

The robberies happened at Mutindwa, Buruburu, Kenyatta National Hospital and at The Mater Hospital in South B.

Police say Sh6,290,000 was stolen at Mutindwa, Sh4,315,000 at KNH and another Sh1 million at the South B machine.

According to a police report, investigators found no surveillance camera at the Mutindwa machine. Police say the ATM lobby was unmanned at the time of the robbery.

The robbers in South B smeared the CCTV camera with petroleum jelly which blurred footage, police said.

In the recent past, Barclays Bank of Kenya has been thrust in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Flying Squad detectives found Sh2 billion fake money at Barclays Bank’s Queensway branch last month.

But the owner of the cash seized at the bank Mr Eric Adede, denied the money is fake and requested the court to compel police to bring it to court.

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