Auburn Tigers set PATs made record; streak ends on next kick

Auburn’s impeccable timing beat its NCAA-record kicking on Saturday.

Not long after setting the FBS record for the most consecutive made extra points with 303 — and naturally celebrating it on Twitter with an emoji and exclamation point — Auburn missed the following PAT.

“We’re a kicking school,” one fan tweeted before retracting it later with, “I take this back.”

Auburn kicker Anders Carlson set the PAT record with 4:19 left in the third quarter. The school’s streak had begun in 2013 — and it ended with 11:54 left in the fourth quarter.

Auburn quarterback Bo Nix completed a 15-yard touchdown pass to Seth Williams to put the Tigers ahead on Arkansas 37-10, but Carlson missed the extra point attempt.

“Should’ve knocked on wood,” another fan tweeted. Auburn won the game 51-10.

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