Baba discharged from ‘prison’

In a short video clip shared on his social media pages on Sunday, the opposition leader is seen engaging in light exercises while donning a replica Arsenal tracksuit and wearing a mask.

“It is wonderful to be back home,” the former prime minister says.

“It’s so nice to be back home. I was like in prison back there.. even though I am in isolation, I can see nature.”

Odinga was diagnosed with Covid-19 after several tests were conducted at the hospital where he was admitted complaining of ‘fatigue’.

“While the tests were several, one important result, which I have authorized the doctors to make public is that I have been exposed to Covid-19. Despite the fact that I feel strong and in good shape after a few days in the hospital, I have agreed with my doctors to undertake the mandatory quarantine,” he explained in a statement last week.

Odinga has however not yet confirmed if he has conducted another test to confirm his current Covid-19 status.

Results on Odinga’s close contacts show ODM Communications manager Phil Etale also tested positive for Covid-19 while those on secretary-general Edwin Sifuna came out negative.

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