Babu Owino Causes Drama In Parliament After Hiding MP David Sankok’s Crutches

There was a light moment during a chaotic Parliament session on Wednesday after Embakasi East MP Babu Owino hid crutches belonging to his Nominated counterpart David Sankok.

The MPs had gathered at Parliament buildings to discuss the proposed controversial changes to the Political Parties Act, when midway through the session Sankok raised alarm that his crutches were missing.

Deputy Speaker Moses Cheboi was forced to temporarily bring the proceedings to a halt and mount a search for the missing crutches.

“What is surprising is that you (Sankok) have been sitting there the whole time. If you have lost your crutches, you should have an idea of the person who has taken them and I will order them to be returned to you immediately,” Cheboi said to Sankok.

“I am told it is Babu Owino. I am not sure if that is true. If that is the case you have to give them back. Are you the one who has committed the offence?” Cheboi questioned the Embakasi East MP.

After already being identified as the culprit, Owino came clean and admitted that he was indeed responsible for hiding the crutches, to the amusement of other MPs.

He argued that Sankok did not need the crutches in the House.

“I have already released them Mr. Speaker. The sergeant-at-arms has already taken them,” Owino said playfully.

The Embakasi East MP was later instructed to apologise to the House for his actions, to which he obliged.

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