Bandari must ensure squad is competitive

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The first leg of the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) is soon coming to a halt and I strongly believe this would be a perfect chance for all stakeholders to take stock and delve into the the nitty-gritties of their shortcomings in the first half of the 2019/2020 season.

It is an open secret that this has been a difficult year for the league, occasioned basically by lack of a sponsor and fan apathy.

It was indeed very painful to see former league champions Sony Sugar suffer relegation from the KPL as the financial woes continued to bite, something which makes me call out for the federation and the Government at large to have a serious thought on how to remedy the situation before Kenyan football goes to the doldrums.

As we speak, the situation is that dire and unless something drastic happens the future of football in this country looks bleak.

Aside from the woes bedevilling the league, this would be a perfect opportunity for our beloved Bandari Football Club to also take stock of the performance thus far.


Several critical questions beg for responses because, just like we have always said before, consistency is key for any season campaigners.

Looking back to the last two seasons thus far, our performance has not been very impressive.

I believe this could have been occasioned by several factors, among them fatigue, squad rotation or even a lean squad.

This I say again is a perfect opportunity for us to look at what has ailed us in order to prevent a similar occurrence going forward.

Planning is key majorly on transfers as teams make long term plans aligned to a well-thought out strategy.

While some clubs prefer to keep the core of their squad consistent and just pepper the side with a few additions, other teams prefer to tear the squad up and start a new.

A big factor in ‘squad churn’ is age. Having your players all come into their prime at once is great but the rebuild afterwards is painful and costly.

For us as Bandari it would be ideal to plan ahead because the last two seasons have proved that we have the capacity to compete with the very best on the continent.

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