Beer, Meat and Sports… But Not In That Order

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Beer, Meat and Sports… But Not In That Order


I was shocked to discover that a Coco Jambo opened on Nairobi’s Argwings Kodhek Road. I drive down this road everyday heading to work and I have even nipped into the Mama Rocks burger place in the same compound a few times but never seen Coco Jambo.

But it is there, at the back of the compound, selling beer, meat and sports on big screens the Coco Jambo way. I met a friend recently after going to the Coco Jambo near Valley Arcade and us having that annoying conversation on the phone. “Where are you?; I’m here at the bar!; I’m also at the bar!; But I can’t see you!; What do you mean you can’t see me, I’m seated in front of the TV; In front of the TV is a lady with a big afro! No! …”

Then we figured that we were both at a different Coco Jambo because I didn’t know that there was a Coco Jambo in Kilimani.

That’s the thing with Coco Jambo, one day they will be everywhere and then people will not be able to meet because we will all be waiting for each other in the wrong Coco Jambo.

Which will be a good thing and a bad thing. I’m not sure, really. The other thing with Coco Jambo is that it’s got a unique character. It’s open in structure. There are large screen televisions sets. An open kitchen.

Men sitting on high tables and stools ogling at the TV screens that will be showing sports. Meat or samosas being carted to different tables. Ladies, with the men, obviously. Unless they are there to have meat.

Coco Jambo is a place for beer, meat and sports. Not necessarily in that order. You won’t get surprises because they don’t want to be anything else. And that’s a great thing.

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