Ben Pol busy sending Anerlisa clear baby hints – Nairobi News

According to Anerlisa her husband Ben Pol has recently been sending her various video messages of babies, which she deduced that the singer is hinting at having a baby.

“Guess who has been sending me a lot of cute baby videos? This is like the sixth. So cute but I get it now,” said Anerlisa.

The couple got engaged in 2019 after dating for a few months. They later proceeded to a traditional wedding later on in the same year. Pictures from the ceremony captured Ben Pol in a white attire meeting with Anerlisa’s parents.

In 2020 they tied the knot at a secret wedding in Tanzania. A few weeks after the wedding the couple appeared to be at odds with each other resulting in Anerlisa un-following her husband on social media.

But now, it appears the musician is keen to become a daddy.

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