Betika winner shares tips on placing bets – Nairobi News

Cleophas Belio is the winner of the Sh2.5 million Shikisha Bet after betting just Sh33.

A lot of bettors have been found to love placing multibets due to the possibility of stacking up odds and increasing the possible win.

We had an opportunity to talk to Belio, one of the two new millionaires produced by Shikisha Bet, a betting product by Betika that allows their customers to create multibets with several outcomes within the same game, in just two weeks.

He shares his story of how he bet Sh33 and managed to walk away with Sh2.5 million.

Currently, he is working in the publishing industry doing online marketing.

His plan this year was to start a business to improve his income.


His drive to increase his financial security saw him get into selling handcrafted shoes online as his side-hustle.

Belio, who has been a bettor for four and half years said: “Shikisha Bet is the best since someone can use small amount of money and win big, and also, the probability of winning is high compared to a multi-bet of over 20 teams and hoping to win the same.”

He now looks forward to opening a fully-fledged shoe shop using his winnings.

Thanks to Shikisha, he can now afford to establish his business, advance his education and take care of his family.

Asked if he is still using Shikisha Bet this is what he had to say: “Yes, I still use Shikisha.”

His advice to those who are yet to use Shikisha Bet is to try it out because they are missing out on something “big and real”.

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