Bima App emerges best at Insurance Agents Choice awards


Bima App emerges best at Insurance Agents Choice awards

BIMA App is the first to provide paperless quotations. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

BIMA App has won ‘Best Innovative Company’ in the recently concluded Insurance Agents Choice awards 2019 beating Jubilee Insurance’s, Jubicare and Jubi Agent Apps.

BIMA App, an insurance app launched in December 2018 but tested in July, beat Jubilee Insurance at the recently concluded Insurance Agents Choice awards 2019 bagging the coveted ‘Best Innovative Company.’ Organised annually by BIMA Intermediaries Association, the body for all insurance agents in Kenya, this year’s awards were looking at rewarding key players in insurance who have disrupted the sector through adoption or introduction of novice innovation and technologies.

At present, BIMA App has 10,000 users comprising insurance agents, travel agents, insurance companies, motor dealers among other users.

“Our App has seven types of users. We cater to the general public, insurance agents, insurance aggregators, insurance brokers, insurance medical insurance providers, general insurance and life insurance companies all on the same Platform,” said Nancy Wangari, Head of Customer Service at BIMA App.

Further there are 10 classes on insurance available on the app including motor, domestic, travel, personal accident, golfers, life, medical, business, marine and micro insurance.


“We also have the NHIF on a pilot and we forward all applications to them to handle,” Ms Wangari added.

A simple interaction with the app reveals its several unique features. For instance BIMA App is the only app in Kenya that allows all insurance agents or brokers to sell any insurance product on the app without prior registration with underwriters.

Notably, all underwriters are required to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with BIMA App. The terms of the MoU bars underwriters from selling on the app unless they are registered under Insurance Regulatory Authority and have paid the annual fee.

Interestingly, BIMA App is the first to provide paperless quotations, notifications, renewals and claims processes.

“Through the app users are able to generate instant insurance quotes by entering the relevant information. Moreover, users are able to take pictures of relevant documents to their insurance policy such as a car log books for motor vehicle insurance,” Wallace Gichoho, BIMA App CEO said.

The users then attach and send the documents to their insurance company of choice, to get an instant quotation. The user chooses mode of payment and completes the transaction.

BIMA App’s Emergency and Distress button, a key feature on the app, allows a user to find the nearest police station, hospital, car garage or towing companies and ambulances countrywide.

“The panic button allows a user to send a discreet picture, voice recording, video recording or GPS location to a loved one in case they are in distress and may not be unable to call. Our claims button allows users to capture details such as the date, time and location automatically,” said Mr Gichoho.

He says a user is able to take relevant pictures of the scene and transmit the information to their insurance companies or agents promptly at the click of a button. Mr Gichoho advised that to facilitate quick payment of claims a user should consider sending the same report to the insurance company covering the other involved persons.

During the interview, Mr Gichoho said future plans are to ensure affordable insurance coverage for the Kenyan citizenry.

“We are soon launching TULIZA that allows user who are unable to pay the full amount to pay their premiums, to pay in eight instalments,” Mr Gichoho said. He also said BIMA App’s is in the last stages of finalising on plan to allow users to change the terms of the initial policy and transfer their cover to a third part.

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