Brie Larson Reminds Fans She’s Got Pipes With K-Pop Cover And It’s A Delight

Brie Larson shared a “little Rosé magic” with fans and people were thrilled about it.

The Oscar winner and YouTuber posted an acoustic guitar-accompanied rendition of K-pop artist Rosé’s “On The Ground” on her social media pages Tuesday. The resulting video was a reminder to all her viewers that she’s not only aces at portraying characters like Captain Marvel, but that she’s got a seriously stellar set of pipes.

Fans raved about Larson choosing the single from the Blackpink vocalist. Blackpink fans, who call themselves Blinks, called her out as a fellow Blink:


Larson has notably taken a step back from her acting career in the last year, launching a steadily growing YouTube channel back in July.

She told The New York Times earlier this month that she’s been getting “20,000 to 50,000 subscribers per month” and has been using the channel to show off her interests as opposed to her acting prowess.

“The thing that I care the most about are the people that I’m making anything with — they are more important than any piece of art,” she told the publication, adding that the pandemic aided her tonal shift.

The 31-year-old went on to say: “I love that my job is like holding up a mirror to society, and society changed, so it meant I needed to start over again.”

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