Calculating female prisoner wins Uhuru’s mercy at State House fete

A female prisoner is likely to walk free from Langata women’s prison after President Uhuru Kenyatta signaled the Head of Public Service, Joseph Kinyua, to initiate the process of pardoning her through the Power of Mercy.

Speaking at the President’s Award held at State House on Friday afternoon, President Kenyatta lauded the female prisoner for her courage in seeking assistance.

“You guys are very crafty, I am shaking somebody’s hand that has paper stuck there, the pieces of paper I will see how I will respond to them, hopefully you’ve left your phone numbers. But there are some with guts to speak out,” the president said.

“(The) female prisoner, there you are, we shall help you, (Head of Public Service, Joseph) Kinyua look into how she can be assisted through the Power of Mercy. She has pleaded, everyone deserves a second chance,” added the head of state.

The Power of Mercy is a presidential pardon provided under Article 133 (1) of the Kenyan constitution. The President invokes his powers that allows him to pardon reformed prisoners after being advised by the Power of Mercy Advisory Committee.

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