Catholics mark the beginning of Lent

The Lent period of 40 days is characterised by penance and repentance among Christians and culminates in Easter celebrations, which mark the end of the fasting.

Last year, Christians were forced to mark this important event in their religious calendars at home following Covid-19 pandemic restrictions after the first case was reported in the country in March.

President Uhuru Kenyatta had issued directives that prohibited gatherings, including imposing a dusk to dawn curfew to limit movements that increased chances of spreading Coronavirus.

Churches and all other religious places were among institutions that were shut down to help stop the rapid spread of the disease.

However, the establishments were later reopened under strict regulations from the government.

Ms Grace Kirumi urged Christians to use this moment to be closer to God and be thankful.

“Covid-19 has had some adverse negative impact on many Kenyans, we have lost loved ones and friends to the family, we all need to come together and help one another especially the needy in the society,” said Ms Kirumi after attending mass at the Holy Family Basilica.

Mr George Matethe said that he was glad that at least this year he will be able to go to church to attend key events during Lent like the way of the cross every Friday.

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