Chaos, massive damages as Molo Academy closed indefinitely

Molo Academy in Nakuru County has been closed indefinitely.

This was after students went on the rampage on Sunday night and destroyed property complaining over poor diet and alleged high-handedness by teachers.

The local security committee and the school management arrived at the decision to close the school and send the students home on Monday.

Molo Assistant County Commissioner Steve Odete said school property, especially classrooms, was extensively damaged.

“On Sunday night, we got a report there was a strike by students. Police officers were deployed and managed to contain the situation. Many buildings were destroyed by the learners,” said Odete.

On Monday morning, a multi-agency team comprising security, teachers and representatives of parents met to establish the cause of the strike and seek solutions.

Odete said their investigations had established the learners had made complaints about several issues which they wanted addressed by the school management.

“The students are complaining about water, type of food and dressing. We are continuing with our investigations to establish if their concerns are genuine or it was a case of indiscipline,” said Odete.

“Some of the learners told the multi-agency team that they wanted their menu changed. They are normally served ugali on Tuesdays which they don’t like. Instead, they want rice,” said Odete.

He said the students also complained they were being forbidden from wearing marvins (knitted hat) to keep them warm, especially early in the morning when the weather is normally chilly.

“They accused the teachers of confiscating their marvins. They also want the school to do away with preps on Saturdays,” he said.

After deliberations on the issues raised, Odete said they resolved to shut down the school pending repairs and will set up a new date of reopening.

“Public works officers will assess the extent of damage after which the principal will communicate to the learners when they are supposed to report back,” said Odete.

The incident comes barely four weeks to the end of the current term, with Odete saying they shall fast-track the repairs for a speedy resumption of learning.

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