Charles Barkley Humiliated When He Can’t Turn Off Phone On Live TV

Charles Barkley is great at basketball. Using a phone? Not so much.

His co-hosts on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” sent that message to the Hall of Fame basketball legend Sunday night.

Ernie Johnson was trying to make a point on Sunday’s broadcast when strange audio came from Barkley’s direction that interrupted his train of thought.

Although the 58-year-old Barkley admitted the sound was coming from his phone, he had no luck silencing it, even as he repeatedly tapped the screen while apologizing profusely.

Johnson was forced to take matters into his own hand.

He got out of his seat, walked toward Barkley and calmly took the phone away from the hoop star and hid it from him to prevent further disturbances.

Barkley admitted to being distracted and said he was trying to find out what ESPN NHL analyst Barry Melrose thought about the Tampa Bay Lightning returning to the Stanley Cup Finals.

His fellow co-hosts accepted his apologies and said he could have his phone back when the show was over in 25 minutes.

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