‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reunion Brings Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu And Cameron Diaz Back Together

Good morning to the only angels we recognize: Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore.

Since we’ve all collectively agreed to forget that the recent reboot of the action franchise exists (apologies, KStew), let’s all flip our hair in unison to celebrate the original film’s trio reuniting, albeit under peak 2020 circumstances. (Yes, we know about the ’70s TV show, but today we’re focusing our energy on the first two films.)

On the inaugural episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show,” the newly minted talk show host gathered some of her famous past co-stars Monday morning. 

So, of course, Diaz and Liu, who starred alongside Barrymore in two “Charlie’s Angels” films in the early aughts, were up first to celebrate the show’s launch and talk about their decadeslong bond. 

“I couldn’t begin this journey without two women who have been a part of my heart for over 20 years. We are friends, we are fellow angels. Please welcome my partners in crime and life Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz,” Barrymore said before the duo appeared on a stage with a socially distanced setup. 

Except only two angels were actually in the building, Barrymore revealed, as Diaz was digitally stitched into the scene from a studio in Los Angeles, where the semi-retired actor now resides. 

“You’ve got to try this; it’s so incredible,” a virtual Diaz joked as she disappeared and popped back up again. “The ether, the little particles going out into space and coming back re-massing into this beautiful space. You guys, it’s crazy. You should try it. It tingles!”

Even though they weren’t together IRL, that didn’t stop Diaz, Liu and Barrymore from going deep about their friendship and the reason they’ve stayed close all these years later. 

“The thing that I love about our friendship is that we have been there in all the big and important moments. We’ve also been there in the small moments and the casual moments and the reason we are such good friends is because it’s real and we go through real stuff with each other,” Barrymore said. “It’s not a Hollywood fairy tale.”

Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu stand on the star during Liu's Walk of Fame ceremony in Hollywood.

Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu stand on the star during Liu’s Walk of Fame ceremony in Hollywood.

The trio are seemingly making a habit out of reuniting after they gathered to support Liu at her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in May 2019, nearly 20 years after their first “Charlie’s Angels” movie hit theaters.

Reuniting this time around proved to be a little more challenging for Barrymore, who revealed on the show that she accidentally sent a video of herself inviting Diaz to be on the show to an unknown number that belonged to a young boy. 

And she just so happened to be getting dressed in said video, which made the whole matter even more embarrassing. 

“By the way, it’s like seven minutes long,” Diaz noted. “It’s, like, epic. This is some material, this kid’s going to have this material for, like, honestly, this is going to last him three or four years.”

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