‘Chipukeezy Comedy Club’ is here to rival ‘Churchill Show’ – Nairobi News

Comedian Chipukeezy is set to launch his very own comedy show titled Chipukeezy Comedy Club that will feature young upcoming artistes in the industry.

Chipukeezy made the announcement on Thursday saying that the initiative is meant to help boost the industry and also giving a platform to new talent.

After so many hardships in the past years, Chipukeezy is now ready to enter into this new phase of his career.

Auditions for the new show happens every Monday at the Kenya National Theatre. Thereafter the successful participants will be be given a chance to showcase their talent to fans every Thursday at Capital Centre.

“After so many hardships in the past years, I am more than excited to announce that, as Chipukeezy, I am making a big play for the comedy industry in Kenya by making a broad new partnership creating a platform to showcase live standup performances @UrbanBurger taking Chipukeezy to the next new level by launching CHIPUKEEZY COMEDY CLUB,” wrote Chipukeezy.

“There will be a paywall for every performer at the comedy club. I believe that launching this venture together now puts us ahead of the pack. I understand the direction in which the comedy business in Kenya is headed, and I see this big new space toward which audiences are starting to gravitate,” he added.

The comedian also appreciated all those who have helped him turn Chipukeezy Comedy Club into reality.

“Special thanks to My Team especially Kimondio? for the job well done! Asanteni sana for the love and support, tupatane every Thursday at Capital Centre as from 7pm to 10pm for the nothing but the best stand up comedy that there is in Africa!”

Chipukeezy started off his career in comedy in the immensely popular Churchill Show in 2015.

He later stopped making regular appearances on the show and ventured into his own projects.

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