Chrissy Teigen’s Family Photo Shoot Troubles Are Too Relatable For These Parents

Chrissy Teigen recently experienced a familiar struggle that’s all too real for parents around this time of the year: the stress of the family photo shoot.

Usually taken after Thanksgiving just in time for a holiday card, parents know the frustration of putting their kids in uncomfortable clothes, listening to incessant whining and getting everyone to look ― and smile! ― at the camera all at the same time.

Though the Sports Illustrated model is no stranger to the camera herself, it seems her son, Miles, was having a bit of a meltdown during the family’s picture session.

“Family shoot went … right as I thought it would, actually,” Teigen tweeted on Saturday, alongside a photo of Miles looking like he was about to both cry and run away, while the cookbook author hooked her arm around him.

Though Teigen was prepared for a possible tantrum, it seems she wasn’t ready for the great photo she captured of Miles when it seemed he was away from the cameras.

“Then this happened!!! On my PHONE of course,” she joked.

His facial expression and crossed arms are just too much!

Parents (and even extended family members) clearly understood Teigen’s struggles, and shared their own funny photo shoot moments and outtakes:

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