Court drops 2019 incitement charges against Jaguar – Nairobi News

Incitement charges made against Starehe MP Jaguar have been dropped by a Nairobi court.

Jaguar, on Friday, said the charges against him have been dismissed after the court declared the charges unconstitutional.

“Today is a great day for Starehe. The courts have dismissed the charges against me declaring them unconstitutional. My defence of Starehe’s traders continues,” Mr Jaguar said.

He says that trade is a principal economic activity in Starehe and he will continue to protect its traders from unfair foreign competition.

“The influx of traders from Tanzania and China at the expense of local business people is alarming. We have to think of Kenyans earning a living in Gikomba & other markets,” he went on.

Jaguar, says, the interests of traders in Starehe come first for him and he will not allow foreigners to edge out local traders.

Largest markets in Kenya

“Starehe is a trading constituency. We host some of the largest markets in Kenya including Gikomba, Muthurwa, and Kariokor. We also house major ones in Nairobi including Marikiti, Tsunami, and City Market among others. I have to defend my constituents. I am their MP,” Mr Jaguar stated.

The MP was arrested in June 2019 for threatening foreign investors in Nairobi. He had given Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i an ultimatum to deport Chinese doing menial jobs in the country.

“The other day we saw Matiang’i claiming he had only deported six Chinese nationals yet we have hundreds in here. We are giving the government 24-hour ultimatum to deport them failure to which I will lead the locals in storming their shops and ejecting them,” Njagua had said then.

Although the singer-turned-politician was primarily angered by the presence of Chinese traders selling second-hand clothes in Gikomba market, he expounded his statement to mean all foreigners.

“We are not talking about six Chinese nationals. We are talking of hundreds of foreigners who work here (Kenya). I give the government 24 hours to evict these foreigners lest I, being a representative of this area, go into their shops, beat them and send them all the way to the airport,” he said.

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