Courteney Cox Has Her Eyes Made Up By Daughter Coco And Gets An Earful

When Courteney Cox returns to work, she’ll probably have a makeup artist who isn’t as cheeky.

The “Friends” alum posted a video Sunday of her 15-year-old daughter, Coco, applying mom’s eye makeup. (See the clip below.)

“Your eyes are really hard to work with, Mom,” the teen said.

When Coco decided the job was done, she told Cox, “That’s all you’re getting.”

But Cox appeared to coax her into crafting a second look. The kid followed through and ribbed her mother a little more.

“Either it’s shitty eyeliner or there’s something wrong with your eyeballs,” she said.

“Which one is it?” Cox asked.

“I can’t tell,” Coco replied.

Cox likely won’t get that kind of banter from a professional stylist when she eventually films the unscripted “Friends” reunion for HBO Max. The special has been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier in the lockdown, the ex-“Cougar Town” star expressed concern that Coco might get her a fart book for Mother’s Day. So a little sass during a makeup session probably didn’t come as a surprise.

“I guess you get what you pay for!” Cox joked in the caption.

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