Crafty thief walks away with 18k from city hotel without firing a single shot – VIDEO – Nairobi News

A city hotel is counting losses after falling into the trap of a devious con woman who walked away with Sh18,000.

CCTV footage shows the unidentified woman with short hair and wearing a black skirt and shirt confidently walking into Café Helena and towards the cashier’s desk.

She then appears to be making an enquiry. Throughout the video she is all smiles with a controlled look on her face that tells of nothing of the crafty scheme she had planned.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Ms Esther Owino the manager at the hotel situated opposite City Hall said the woman walked in during lunch hour at around 2pm when they are mostly busy with customers.

She directly went to her and told her that she was sent to ask if they were in need of loose money.


“We were very busy at the time and she said she was sent to ask if we are in need of change. The money denomination that she claimed to have included Sh100 and Sh50 notes and coins,”

Ms Owino says she then enquired from the cashier how much money he had. The cashier said he had Sh18,000 in cash.

Throughout the entire incident, the woman was calm and took advantage of the situation since the restaurant was abuzz with activities from the waiters trying to make sure customers got their orders on time.

The woman went on with her antics like a pro without making them target feel as if they were being coerced. However, the woman said she did not have the money with her.

“Since we were in need of the loose change I then asked one of the staff to accompany her with the money, so as to make sure we get the money,” said the manager.

“The cashier gave the money to our staff member and together with the woman walked out of the hotel.”


Here, things got more interesting as she took him all the way to Moi Avenue at Sasa Plaza and together they walk up the stairs to the first floor of the building.

She then told him to handover the money and wait for her as she went inside one of the rooms to get the change.

“That was the mistake because he says he never saw her again. He waited at Sasa mall for two hours before being chased away by the security manning the building as they were alarmed at him standing for long hours at the same spot,” said Ms Owino.

She added: “Since he did not have a phone he asked one of the askaris for his phone so as to make a phone call. He called me and told me that the woman had disappeared.”

Ms Owino says that the reason she trusted the woman was because she somehow carried a resembles to an M-Pesa woman who usually helps them with change.

This appears not to be the first stint done by the con woman. Another video captures her at an M-Pesa shop.

Peter Mwangi the owner of the café has reported the matter at the International Life House police station under OB number OB9/25/4/19.

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