CS Munya drums up support for BBI in Meru

The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) proposals are good for Meru, Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya has said.

Mr Munya said he supported the initiative and pleaded with lukewarm residents to back President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition boss Raila Odinga in their quest to achieve unity in the country.

The CS who spoke in Igembe North where he launched the construction of a modern three-floor miraa market and opened a Mwenge Miraa Sacco office, said with BBI, areas with big populations such as Igembe would have better representation.

“Igembe has a big population. Yet we have only three constituencies. We should have four. The old constitution denied us that but now we will have it,” Munya told a rally at Laare town.

He said the northern part of Meru (Nyambene) will have more representatives in the National Assembly when BBI sails through.

He said the one-man-one-vote principle is needed for all Kenyans to get resources.

“It is the equaliser so that all Kenyans can get services,” he said.

The CS said the government will now be inclusive, with the creation of the Prime Minister and two deputy prime minister seats.

“We have only two seats, the president and the deputy president. It leaves out others. But now we will have a PM and two deputies, and an expanded Assembly. It is good and I support President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga,”’ Munya said and rallied residents to back it.

He said: “We are happy with it. Our president cannot take us in the wrong direction. We are happy with the unity he has forged with Raila so that Kenyans can become one,” he said.

Asking residents to embrace the BBI, the minister said the BBI ‘whirlwind’ had kicked off in Kisumu and it was spreading to other parts.

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