Darius Leonard Loses Wedding Ring When He Throws Fan His Gloves

Darius Leonard celebrated the Indianapolis Colts’ 28-11 home victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday by tossing his gloves to a kid in the stands (there was limited attendance).

Not a good play, Darius. The linebacker pulled off his wedding ring in the process and off it flew inside the gloves. Only he didn’t realize it at the time.

But there was a happily ever after. The kid who caught the glove, the step-nephew of Bleacher Report’s Tyler Brooke, discovered the ring inside. Brooke reached out to the internet for some help in contacting Leonard.

“I need that,” Leonard quickly replied with laughing emojis.

Leonard, who incidentally had a team-high six tackles in the game, married his high school sweetheart (and kindergarten classmate) Kayla in 2018, The Washington Post noted.

He probably had some explaining to do before the ring was returned. It looks like Kayla was at the game with their daughter. (Click the arrow.)

Here’s the couple in a second wedding in 2019.

And here are their original nuptials.

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