Dating sociopath turns you into a crazy, little puppet — Waititu

YouTuber Maureen Waititu has spoken up about her personal experience in a toxic relationship.

Over the weekend, the YouTuber shared a video narrating how narcissists and sociopaths lead to toxic relationships.

 “In the beginning, they suck you in with so much love and passion and cut you off from the rest of the world,” she said.
Waititu said in such relationships, you cannot access any person other than them. It goes as far as you losing your career. They turn you into their little puppet and drop you as quick, she said.

You’ll be left going crazy because they cut themselves off, she warned.

“Toxic relationships come when dating a narcissist, a sociopath and abusive people,” she said.

“You either don’t have the self-esteem and you tend to attract people who will validate you and you might get into the relationship and break up, and in your mind, you think you can’t do better.

“Partners who bring this toxicity feed you with information that you can be better or you are fat or crazy.”

Maureen was dating influencer Frankie Just Gym It. The two served couple goals before calling it quits.

“You apologise for the partner’s action because they will turn it around and make it your fault and build the thought that you are crazy and they are perfect,” she said.

Waititu said from personal experience, she dated a person without empathy.

 “They display the perfect image to the public and in the house, they treat you like trash. Trust me, I know. They will be out there glorifying you and putting out your pictures but treating you bad,” she said.

“They are scary and you feel like you are walking on an egg-shell because you cannot express yourself. You don’t know how he might react.”

“They break you so much such that you don’t know what to do. If you try to leave them, they won’t make it easy and they will move on swiftly.”

In a TV interview last year, when asked whether she left Frankie for cheating, she said, “I do not know if he has ever cheated on me but there were issues of other women who were around.

“He is a very handsome man and the women in Nairobi are fisis. He might have been a loyal guy but there were so many women who used to be all up on him and maybe, just maybe, he did not know how to carry himself and entertain them. I do not know if he cheated or not and I do not want to know.”

Maureen added that all she wanted was to be respected as the queen of the ‘kingdom’.

“It made me very uncomfortable because women did not want to know whether a man is married or not with children or not. It is like in a kingdom, you have to protect the queen and her seat,” she said.

“I know I protected him from all the men who pursued me. I even bought a book (‘The power of a prayerful woman’) to try and fix the marriage.”

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