DCI detectives arrest 3 ‘wash wash’ suspects in Kileleshwa

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have arrested three suspects in Nairobi’s Kileleshwa area believed to be part of a money laundering syndicate.

The three; Abdulaziz Ibrahim Hassan, 54, Dorcas Ntoya, 34 and 26-year-old Arum Bob Busimbi, were ambushed on Thursday evening at Midea Apartments by DCI’s Transnational Organized Crime detectives who were acting on intelligence.

According to the DCI, the three suspects were found with assorted fake local and foreign currencies.

“The three are believed to be part of a syndicate that is behind the rising cases of money laundering, commonly known as wash wash… Several fake US dollar notes in denominations of 100 and a machine believed to be used in developing the fake notes were found in the house,” said the DCI in a statement.

The detectives extended the operation to the apartment’s basement area where a Honda Fit KCY 695X owned by one of the suspects.

Inside the vehicle, the DCI says the detectives recovered “three copies of a fake letter purportedly from Central Bank of Kenya, notifying receipt of Ksh.10billion, two copies of United Nation invoices, a forged anti-money laundering clearance certificate, a packet of white powder labeled ‘Best Quality Laundry Starch’, a bottle containing a bluish substance, 45 USD notes in 100 denominations and 166 notes of Kenyan currency in Sh1000 denominations.”

Also arrested during the operation is the caretaker of the apartment, 54-year-old Ethan Mureithi, who is accused of attempting to obstruct the detectives from conducting the operation. He is set to face appropriate charges.

“Meanwhile, the wash wash suspects Abdulaziz Hassan, Ntoya & Busimbi are in custody pending arraignment. Their vehicle was also impounded,” said the DCI.

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