‘Diana B On This!’ Bahati’s Wife Diana Marua Is Now A Rapper

After weeks of teasing a huge announcement, musician Bahati has finally revealed the reason behind the fuss, the secrets and and the teases.

And unexpectedly, the big reveal was his wife, Diana Marua who debuted her rap career before  an invited crowd of bloggers, youtubers and news people at the Trademark Hotel on Sunday.

Diana Marua will now go by the name Diana B. And she has put all rapppers  on notice.

“This is big, this is huge wacha na hiyo ufala ya Eric Omondi, this is big for Kenya,” Singer Bahati said, before ushering his wife onto the stage.

And when she finally got onto the stage, Diana who wore silver and black hot pants, a matching bralette and chunky stilleto boots started dropping the bars…


“Wow, Diana B on this,” she rapped Wanaosema tutaachana, sidanganyi watangoja sana, yetu si ya konde boy na Kajala…mapenzi za kujienjoy za kifala, ama kama Lilian na gavana, vita za Chris Brown na Rihanna… Bahati na Marua tamu kama halua…”

“Are you ready?” She posed

Her retinue of invited guests to the launch included musician Akothee, who went on to hype Diana B as “Africa’s Biggest Female Rapper”

“Iko wapi nduru ya the biggest artist in the whole of Africa? Akothee said,” Can someone get me a towel, I’m sweating, If you are not shocked today … how many are shocked by the Bahati reveal?”

Akothee said that despite having been in the industry for more than seven years, it was the first time she was seeing that many camera’s in one place.

“Bahati usitufanye hivi tena, unaweza fanya watu wa-lose maini,” Akothee continued.

In a quick interview, Diana told all that were gathered for the lauch that her greatest motivator is her husband and fellow singer Bahati.

On a global scale, Diana B says she is inspired by Nicki Minaj, Shensea, Cardi B among others.

The new rapper in town also revealed that she has another project simmering in the works, to be released later in December.

She however declined the invitation to reveal whether her style will lean towards gospel or secular, saying she will  be doing music for the soul.

“I’m doing good music, music for the soul, music for the food … I’m doing music for everybody, let us enjoy let us have fun, let us not categorise fun,” she added.

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