Distribution of Mbiyu Koinange estate set for November

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The distribution of multibillion shilling-estate belonging to former powerful minister in Mzee Kenyatta’s government Mbiyu Koinange is set for November after the beneficiaries tabled their proposals.

The parties appeared before Justice Aggrey Muchelule Monday and confirmed that they had all filed documents proposing how the estate, estimated to be worth Sh14 billion, should be distributed.

The judge directed all the beneficiaries to be present in court on November 8 when he will give his decision.

Mr Kionange, a polygamous man, died without a will on September 3, 1981. The case has dragged in court for more than three decades as family members could not agree until 2015 when Justice William Musyoka distributed the estate but left out two widows.

In 2017, Justices Philip Waki, Asike Makhandia and Kathurima M’Inoti cancelled the distribution of the assets by Justice Musyoka, saying he failed to recognise Eddah Wanjiru Mbiyu and Margaret Njeri Mbiyu as widows of Mr Koinange.


The Supreme Court rejected attempts by some family members to appeal the decision.

Two widows of the late minister, who had initially been left out of the distribution, want the property, scattered in many towns, distributed equally among Koinage’s four wives in line with the Kikuyu customary law.

However, the first and second wives propose the assets shared among 20 dependents including Koinange’s children, grandchildren, daughters-in-law and the other co-wives.

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