Doha World Championships Notebook – Day Four

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Nasser Al-Attiyah wears many hats

Nasser Salih Nasser Abdullah Al-Attiyah, simply known as Nasser Al-Attiyah, is one of Qatar’s most famous sons. The 48-year-old Qatari is a champion rally driver, a celebrated Olympian, a sport shooter and Sheikh.

He claimed the silver medal in shooting at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, and rallying enthusiasts will remember his exploits in the World Rally Championships, and the Dakar Rally.

He made his debut in the Dakar Rally in 2004 in a Mitsubishi, finishing 10th overall.

Al-Attiya is the reigning champion of the Dakar Rally, having won it in a Toyota Hilux Pick-Up truck. He is also the cousin of the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.


Temperatures hit 47 degrees Celsius

Qatar is located in a desert region and temperatures can rise to a high of 50 degrees Celsius. When that happens, people stay indoors in offices and in their houses and avoid venturing outdoors on foot.

Since arriving here on Thursday morning, I have always known participating teams and officials will at one time or the other have to deal with the problem of high temperatures at day time. That moment came on Sunday morning when day temperatures rose to 47 degrees Celsius.

Upon leaving your hotel room to hail a taxi, a sudden gush of hot air suddenly hits your face outside as you wait for your taxi to arrive, forcing you back into the hotel lobby.

When your taxi arrives, you jump inside and quietly thank the driver for turning on the air conditioning.

Food is relatively affordable here

Qatar imports most of the food consumed in the country, but the Gulf nation, rich in oil and gas, has taken steps to ensure most of the food required will be grown in the country to reduce dependence on other countries. A variety of food is easily available.

The food is relatively affordable, but the price depends on where you buy it.

At an outlet of American fast food restaurant chain Kentucky Fried Chicken, a lunch pack of French fries and chicken will set you back some 25 Qatari Riyals (Sh713).

Refilling a 12 kilogramme cooking gas cylinder will cost you 15 Qatari Riyals which is the equivalent of Sh468 or 54.6 US dollars at the current exchange rate.

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