Dorcas Gachagua: The woman behind Deputy President

She has on several occasions defended her husband when caught in an internet storm because of his utterances.

Dorcas Rigathi, an outspoken woman who wears many hats including a pastor, a mother and second lady to be.

She is the wife to the deputy president-elect, Rigathi Gachagua.

Gachagua is the deputy president-elect awaiting to take oath of office after IEBC declared William Ruto as the president–elect.

Gachagua and Dorcas have been married for the past 35 years and have two sons, Kelvin Gachagua a software engineer and Keith Keino, who is a medical doctor.

She was born in Murang’a but raised in Thika after her father passed away when she was 11 years, Dorcas revealed in an interview with Nation.

Gachagua was a student at the University of Nairobi and Dorcas was studying at Kenyatta University.

He was organising a bus to take the students to Moi when she met him.

“I remember he was wearing a suit, he has always worn suits and a brown tie. I thought he was interesting. On that day, actually, I’d felt like life was not worth living. So I decided that trip was going to be my last.”

Dorcas said that she had planned to create a scene by ranting at the president so that she could get shot, but the plans were cut shot by Gachagua who offered her words of comfort when she confessed what she was about to do.

This was the begging of a love story that later led to marriage.

At one time Dorcas worked as a house help to try and help her mother feed their family.

She noted that she was drawn to church since she was young.

Dorcas joined House of Ministries church in 2002 as an usher and later started working with widows in the church. Her motivation was drawn from the life of her mother as a widow, and how she suffered in the hands of her uncles.

“I loved to work with widows, I started a widow ministry because of my background.  Just because a man has died and left a woman with children, that woman does not become a burden I saw how the women were being treated by the society and the society did not seem to care how these women felt,” she said.

Minutes before the inauguration ceremony at Kasarani stadium, Deputy President-elect Rigathi Gachagua’s wife, Dorcas Rigathi aided her husband to dress up and also iron his shirt- a tradition she has kept for years.

Speaking to NTV at her Karen residence on Tuesday, September 13, Dorcas, a devoted Christian, noted that she cherishes choosing her husband’s dress code as part of her tradition. She also affirmed that they would have breakfast with the family as well as the clergy to thank God for the momentous occasion.

Dorcas noted that the strong bond within the family unit has helped shape their marriage life.

“Well I have already ironed his shirt, that is very special to us and I have done it for the longest time. Also, I love cooking for my family. Today when he comes from the gym, I will help with his dressing and then we’ll have breakfast with the family.”

“We had extended the invitation to the clergy to thank God for this occasion. Life is about family so these are the things that I enjoy because I’m a family woman.”

The second lady in waiting also divulged how her life has been affected by the public limelight since the Kenya Kwanza coalition won the August 9, presidential poll.

“There’s too much publicity as everyone wants to know my daily routine. There’s also the presence of security hence I’m not able to go to the Supermarket the way I used to.”

“I guess that’s what is drawing too much attention to me. It’s a bit constraining and limiting because I’m a social person and like conversing with people but now I can’t. It makes me feel like I want to be my natural self again. When I go to church I’m followed by bodyguards all the time.”

Dorcas affirmed that her role as an advisor to the DP’s office would aid in her advocacy for the male gender and the vulnerable in society. She stated that Kenyans should expect the Kenya Kwanza coalition to hit the ground running in fulfilling the promises made to them during the campaign period.

“I expect that Kenyans will see there’s a new era and we have the new leadership. The hustler nation is coming alive and I can feel the vibration in the air. My prayer is that when we get sworn in, we hit the ground running because it is our calling to serve.

“My role as Second Lady is to concentrate on the boy child and vulnerable including widows. If you go around and ask people you find the boy child is neglected, taking drugs, desperate situations, so we would like to bring the boy child back through rehabilitation. My office is also the office of the DP, I may not directly get the funds to do it but I’m an advisor so I will be able to back up my husband in what he does.”

Dorcas and Gachagua got married in 1989 and have two children; Dr. Keith Rigathi and Kevin Rigathi who works as a software engineer in the banking sector.

Dorcas has on several occasions defended her husband when caught in an internet storm because of his utterances.

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