Dr Amoth receives first jab as Covid-19 vaccine is rolled out

ealth acting director general Patrick Amoth has received the first jab in the country for Covid-19.

Dr Amoth, referred to as recipient 001, received the jab at the Kenyatta National Hospital on Friday.

Addressing the press after his shot, Dr Amoth said heaviness in the arm or a slight headache are some of the mild side effects of the jab.

The vaccination targets 10 healthcare workers drawn from different high risk departments of the hospital such as the ICU, Dental care unit, potters and security personnel.

The healthworkers will be mandated to train other staff members across other county hospitals where the jab will be administered.

“We will use the vaccines as training that will be disseminated to counties,” said Dr Richard Aya, who is leading the vaccination process at KNH.

More details to follow…

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