Dr. Kingori trolled on social media for cleaning job offer

According to his post, the woman identified as Tiso offered the comedian, real name Felix Omondi, a place to stay at his lowest moment.

He went on to asked Kenyans to give Tiso cleaning jobs. “Patieni Tiso ma job za cleaning, Laundry na basically anything that falls in the category ya domestic work (please offer her some cleaning jobs)”.

Netizens however lashed the comedian with many asking why he was not setting up a business for her.

Mwema wrote, “But king’ori na si kwa ubaya. Hauna dooh unaweza fungulia huyo dem hata trolley ya mayai, Kibanda ya mboga ama any other small venture.Is this the way to reward a person who came through for you and hosted you for 6 months?

King’ori it’s the time you REWARD TISO.”

Jimmy Machira posted, “Kingori, I am abit offended here. She helped you wholeheartedly even when she had nothing, right? I know you are currently financially stable. Help her with a better job because I believe she has the brains to operate a duka atleast. Stop asking for help from us while you’ve done nothing first. Set up a laundry shop for her if that’s all she can do.”

Jose Joe said, “You have made it in life n you got money,, you should start her a business, it’s a shame u r telling us to find her any domestic work while she helped u be where you are. Such a shame.”

Robert Omwando added, “ Dr. King’ori you should be thinking of a better way/solution to help her progress than what you are requesting. You’re in a position to change her life directly, why not do it!”

Harry Wolf said, “Register for her a cleaning service company and then link her up with your rich friends and workmates. Just like that she’ll have a business to run #doitmate.”

Responding to netizen King’ori said he did not have to parade what he has done for Tiso.

Further adding that cleaning job is what the woman requested for.

“Now, I will NOT share details of how nacome through kwake because it’s not right and that’s not how I roll.  I’m a believer in teaching someone how to fish and giving them fish too, which I have done. That said, upon her request, laundry ndio job angependa kufanya and the least I can do is share her contact on a platform yenye anaweza pata gigs,” he said

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