Drama as man mistakenly declared dead ‘resurrects’ inside mortuary

Drama unfolded at Kapkatet Hospital in Kericho County after a 32-year-old patient who had been mistakenly transferred to the hospital’s mortuary regained consciousness.

According to the patient’s uncle Denis Langat, his nephew identified as Peter Kiplangat Kigen was rushed to the facility on Tuesday morning after he fainted at home.

He said his niece was suffering from a stomach ailment, which made him loose consciousness at home, forcing his family members to rush him to the hospital.

Langat said the nurse who received the patient at the hospital casually checked on him before pronouncing him ‘dead’.

The patient was immediately transferred to the hospital mortuary where he was received by the mortuary attendant who soon after began the process of preserving his body.

The uncle says the attendant made an incision on the right leg of the patient to be used in the infusion of formalin but in the process, the patient gained consciousness and wailed in pain forcing all those who were around to scamper for safety thinking that a dead man had ‘resurrected’.

The attendant gathered his courage and immediately wheeled the patient back to the hospital casualty section where first aid was administered on him before being taken to the ward where he is recuperating.

The family of the patient is now demanding justice, accusing the hospital of negligence.

By the time of publishing, the hospital management and the county’s health department were yet to comment on the matter.

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