Drama at funeral home as man tussles with deceased wife’s family over her body – Nairobi News

Drama ensued at Umash Funeral Home on Saturday after a Nigerian man allegedly tried to transport the body of his wife, Andear Mwangi without the family’s consent.

The 35-year-old died on September 22, at the Nairobi South Hospital after a long term liver condition.


The dispute over the burial rites and the deceased’s children has seen the two parties go to court.

The mother of the deceased, Lydia Mwathathi, claimed that the man by the name Charles Emedo is unknown to the family hence could not bury her without the family’s consent.

“The man has never visited us and we are not aware that he was the one who was living with our daughter,” the mother said.


Emedo on his part said he has lived with the deceased for the past nine years and that they have three children together.

The family of the deceased presented the matter in court on October 23 but Emedo did not appear, saying his lawyers advised him against it.

The two parties are now set to attend court hearing on December 5, 2019.

Police had insisted the body of the deceased will not be moved until the matter is heard and determined by the court.

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