EDITORIAL: Portal for disabled noble

Mainstreaming people living with disabilities should be at the heart of both public and private institutions that are committed to ending inequality of opportunity. Often, organisations forget to put in place systems, programmes and infrastructure that can help those with disability to become more productive, realise their potential and make a contribution to society.

That is why the decision by Agency for Disability Development in Africa (ADDA) to launch an online jobs portal for the disabled should not go unacknowledged. It means that someone has taken the time and effort to create a platform through which the disadvantaged can get an opportunity to demonstrate what they can do as productive members of society and also in their places of work. By so doing, they get an opportunity to improve their welfare and escape poverty. Of more people with disability are allowed to enjoy equality of opportunity, the notion that the disabled can only be dependent on others for their well-being is disabused.

It means everyone, despite their physical or other condition, has a fair chance to make it in life, to be an active player in the economy and to be an important cog in the wheel of production.

As such, more organisations, across all sectors, should take the launch of the jobs portal as a challenge and an opportunity to headhunt qualified workers who may be living with a disability for reasons beyond their control.

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